Website Relaunch Sparks New Era for Leading Motorsports Agency

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Seattle, WASHINGTON – March 17, 2021 – The AVD Motorsports Agency has been quietly carving out a name for itself over the last decade as one of the premier media and public relation organizations in North America and spanning the globe. The launch this week of the company’s new website marks the beginning of a new era for AVD with the aim of continued growth, according to CEO and Founder Ashley van Dyke.
“We’ve had a great couple of years focusing on the Trans Am presented by Pirelli Championships, which have been really flourishing and we’ve balanced that well with our European and international clientele,” she said. “We represent teams and drivers with different backgrounds and ranges of experience, which I believe is unique. Our goal is always to promote the team, the driver and of course deliver maximum value for the sponsors who invest in this arena. Sponsors large and small are important to us because their involvement is the lifeblood of the industry.”
On the evolving world of client representation, she added, “Communications are becoming more digitally focused, which we anticipated, and we make sure our clients have a truly first-rate web and social media presence. We also organize custom branding for clients, with stunning website production, video highlights and storytelling. We deliver these services on or off-track, along with a full range of promotional products and activities. We provide strategic and tactical advisory services along with advanced metrics to ensure our clients enjoy measurable success.”
A current star of the AVD portfolio is the 2020 Trans Am XGT Champion driver and team owner Ken Thwaits of Showtime Motorsports, “What’s great about working with AVD Motorsports is they are able to promote our race team from a 360-degree approach,” Thwaits said. “They communicate our future plans, keep clients and fans aware of what’s happening during a race meeting or event, and then follow up with results. What a relief it is knowing that AVD Motorsports has our back when it comes to communications so that we can focus on being successful on the track.”
Talking about the new website Ashley continued, “Our website at is our shop window so naturally we want it to reflect the highest professionalism and services we offer. In spite of the current situation, we’re optimistic about motorsports in North America moving forward and are very much looking at global opportunities as interest continues to grow. Motorsport is an expensive arena to be in which is why the ability to help brands get the most visibility and measurable reach with integrated partnerships is so important.”
Ashley is a native of Washington State where she grew up watching short course NASCAR events at Evergreen Speedway, “I have been very fortunate to experience a variety of different racing disciplines up close and NASCAR is where it all started. Sportscar competition comes in different forms and the current platform of wheel-to-wheel sprint racing on the best tracks in North America is what Trans Am is all about. We are also excited about working with our clients from Germany, Team MRS, who are setting up a full-scale outfit in the North American Porsche Carrera Cup Series with a two-car effort.”
Inspired by her grandfather, Richard Avalo, a NASCAR Director of Racing from 1997 to 2000. He has been involved with short-track motorsports in the Pacific Northwest since the late 70’s along with her late grandmother, Barbara Avalo.
A former fashion industry starlet and SPEED TV host alongside the legendary Tommy Kendall, Ashley van Dyke is no stranger to media production and presenting. A winner of the SEMA Award for top professionals in the industry under 35, she has hosted the Sony Gran Turismo Awards at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and has had similar presenting roles across network television coverage on NBC Sports and CBS Sports.
“The thing that comes through in whatever Ashley is doing, whether it is driving, hosting, promoting, or marketing, is an honest passion for racing,” said Tommy Kendall, Champion race car driver and television host. “It is refreshing because you meet a lot of people in this business where that is not the case; they might like racing, but it is a means to an end. That genuine enthusiasm has led her to immerse herself completely in the sport and given her insights and understanding that is hard to come by. At the end of the day, marketing and promotion is best when authentic and Ashley eats, sleeps and breathes racing.”
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